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Our studies have been designed to further our understanding of the molecular mechanisms through which Leishmania acquires essential nutrients from the host. Using this understanding we aim to establish these pathways as strong candidates for the design of molecules that specifically target parasite proteins without impacting host metabolism. As a next step, 3D structure determination of these parasite proteins will enable the screening of ligands, which will be evaluated as alternative chemotherapies against Leishmaniasis.

Maria Fernanda Laranjeira-Silva

Ongoing Research Projects

Identification and characterization of membrane proteins involved in iron transport and metabolism in Leishmania:

  • Study of the regulation of iron and heme transporters at the Leishmania-host interface - effect of iron deficiency anemia on the virulence of Leishmania (L.) amazonensis.
  • Identification and characterization of iron transporters in the glycossomes of Leishmania.
  • Characterization of manganese transport mediated by the iron transporter LIR1 in Leishmania.

Trypanosomatids' FABP-like proteins as potential targets for the development of new antiparasitic drugs:

  • Determination of LeiFABP subcellular location in Leishmania amazonensis.

The Leishmania-host relationship from the "omics" perspective.

* All ongoing projects are funded by FAPESP *